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My Fat Girl Voice and a Week at a Time

There are two important lessons in this Sparks People article by Beth Donovan, “Change Your Actions, Change Your Attitude”.  The first one is to name the voice that tells me to “eat it despite it not being on plan” or justifies emotional eating.  While I have been working to respond differently to that voice, it is difficult sometimes to recognize that whatever is being said in my head is not all me, or at least not the me that wants a healthy future filled with energy and   light.  I want more tools that distinguish between the messages in my head, and naming all the ones that come from a frightened place looking to get soothed in the moment makes sense.  They are all coming from my “fat girl” voice.  And when I hear her telling me to “eating that won’t matter” or “what the heck,” I’ll say, “Be quiet Fat Girl.  I am done listening.  Make room for the Awesome Jen.”

The other day is to think about my goals a week at a time.  I can remember when Weight Watchers changed my mindset to think about the food I eat over the course of the day.   Before that I had always confronted food choices in the moment, which allowed me to eat the indulgent meal now, and it have no consequence on whether to eat the indulgent food later on.  Now I think about the entire day and make choices of where to I want to put my points.  I can more easily give up some foods knowing that I will have more points for later when I will really want them.  And this does flow over into the week, when I think about how I want to use my flex points.  But I like the idea of chunking out my goals into weekly segments.  Let’s have a week where I am completely successful at a task and then build on to it with the next week.  What if I gave up all treats for a week?  Or wrote my posts the night before all week long, leaving me with longer workout sessions in the morning.  What can I do this week?  No, not forever, just this week.  I love the opportunity in that time frame.  It asks for me to stretch beyond my comfort zone while also not putting it in the forever category that can make some changes too scary to begin.



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